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نخستين تحايف اهدا شده به رييس جمهور اسلامي افغانستان به دافغانستان بانک تحويل داده شد

Executive Staff

Noorullah Delawari Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan)

Noorullah Delawari
Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan)

Governor Noorullah Delawari has been appointed as governor by presidential decree No. 78 dated November 30, 2011. His nomination was confirmed by the Wolsi Jirga (lower house) on November 26, 2011. He also served Governor of DAB from July 2004 to November 2007.

Governor Delawari brings with him a divers professional background in commercial banking, Investment and international finance prior to his current position, he has served as Minister Advisor to President Karzai on Banking and Private Sector, member of DAB Supreme Council, CEO of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, Senior Advisor to Minister of Finance and Vice President of Multinational Division of Lloyds Bank California.

Governor Delawari has earned a MBA in Finance from Ashley University, new York and professional Designated in international Business from university of California, los Angeles (ucla).

Governor Delawari was also the recipient of Colombo plan scholarship from the British Council in 1967, where he at the City if London college and received Bank management Training at Natwest in London, England.

Governor Delawari sets on a number of Board, including High commission on Investment, afghan Red Crescent ( Sira Miasht ) and American University of Afghanistan.



Khan Afzal Hadawal - First Deputy Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank

Mr. Khan Afzal Hadawal previously working as a President & CEO of Bank ie Milli Afghan was appointed as alternate Governor for International Monetary Fund (IMF) Afghanistan & 1st deputy governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central bank) under the decree#6310 dated Dec 18, 2011. 1st deputy governor Hadawal is a member of the board of director of Afghan Red Crescent Society, and was an advisor to the Governor & General Counsel of DAB from 2005-2009, he has also worked as a head of legislative & regulatory dept in Oct 2003-2005. Hadawal was also head of licensing & regulation department in a reformation project of USAID/Bearingpoint at DAB from Sep 2002 to Sep 2003. During the year 2002 he also served as an advisor at National Security Council, Counter Narcotic Directorate (CND). Mr. Hadawal was project development officer at Sanayee Development Foundation (SDF), Kabul, Afghanistan.

Mr. Hadawal played a key role in the establishment of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Afghanistan, and was leading the legal framework for the financial sector of Afghanistan, particularly the banking law, DAB law, Anti Money laundering law, combating financing terrorism law as well laws on secure transaction on immovable and movable property.

Mr. Khan Afzal Hadawal holds his Master in Finance & Financial law, LL.B (Hons) & B.A from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He has participated in many national and international conferences and headed several delegation of Afghanistan.


Alhaj M. Issa Turab Second Deputy Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank

Second Deputy Turab was appointed to his current position in 2001 and graduated from the Economics faculty of Kabul University in 1974.
Second Deputy Turab joined DAB in 1994 in that capacity. In 1996, Mr. Turab served as First Deputy Governor. Since 2001, Mr. Turab has served as Second Deputy Governor.
Second Deputy Turab served as Deputy Commercial Manager for Bank Mili in 1993. Mr.Turab was Administrative President for the Ministry of Water and Power in 1992, and also has significant experience in accounting with that Ministry.


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