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Exchange Rate ( 2015 March 31)
Currency Cash
  Selling Buying
USD 58.0300 57.8300
EURO 62.7200 62.1200
Pound 85.4200 84.6200
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از روز زن در تالار کنفرانسهای دافغانستان بانک تجلیل بعمل آمد


Laws and Regulations Page


Law of Da Afghanistan Bank
Law of Banking in Afghanistan
Law of Mortgage on Immovable Property
Secured Transaction of Movable Propety law
Negotiable Instrument Law
AML Law Dari
CFT law dari

Regulations Issued Under The Law Of Da Afghanistan Bank

Foreign Exchange Dealers
Money Service Providers
Reserve Requirement for Monitory Policy Purposes
Protection of the Payment System
Standing Facilities
Capital Notes Issuance and Auction
Regulation on the Secondary Market for Capital Notes
DAB Clearing House Rules
Regulation On domestic payment operations in Afghanistan
Credit Reporting Regulation
Foreign Currency Auction Regulation

Regulations Issued Under The Law Of Banking In Afghanistan

Licensing Regulation
Corporate Governance
Control Regulation
Prohibited And Authorized Activities
Capital Adequacy
Large Exposure Regulation 
Open Foreign Exchange Position
Classification And Loss Reserve Regulation
Related Person
DMFI Regulation

Regulations Issued Under Afghanistan Anti-Money Laundering And Proceeds Of Crime Law

AMLResponsibilities Regulation


Secured Transactions of Moveable Property Regulation

Regulation on Registration of Securing charges (Secured Transaction)